Sometimes the bravest and most important

thing you can do is just show up

-Brene Brown

what can I expect?

The first session will be a time to get to know each other to make sure it’s a good fit. You can always use discretion on how much you would like to share in the initial session. Rapport building is the biggest and most helpful part of therapy and happens in the first few appointments. 

Do I really need help?

Sometimes we just need someone to talk to that can be trusted. Other times we may have big troubles or trauma that we need to move through. 

what if i need to miss an appointment?

Things come up so I try to be flexible with scheduling and make up sessions. I ask that you make me aware of scheduling issues so that we can find a different day and time. 

will i have to do all the talking?

I use a client centered approach but I can be directive for those who are new to therapy or need help staying on track. We won’t be just talking but we’ll be feeling as well as moving. 

will you share my information with others?

I follow HIPAA practices and protect my clients and their information. If you would like for me to consult with a medical professional, teacher, etc… a release of information can be signed. 

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